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Family Ties

Gina (front right) & family at Spence Hair Designs

House of Isis, formerly known as The Healing House of Isis was founded in 2010 by Gina Spence whose passion for natural hair derives from her 30 years plus experience as a licensed cosmetologist. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Bermuda to a family of black entrepreneurs, Gina grew up watching her father Eugene Spence own and operate a popular barbershop. Inspired by their father, Gina and her siblings Kurvin, Danere, Karim, and Salemah opened their own all-inclusive hair salon in 1993 named Spence Hair Deigns located in Hamilton, Bermuda. It was during this time that Gina began to research and cultivate homemade hair care products derived from natural ingredients that promoted the body’s overall health.

The Start of Something New...

In 2006, in hopes of creating a better life fueled with more opportunities, Gina relocated herself and her beloved daughter Isis to the United States of America. As a single-mother and immigrant in the U.S. Gina truly made a way out of know way. She turned to the most applicable career path that she knew best, cosmetology. Through evening classes and odd-end cleaning jobs throughout the day she was able to complete her necessary transfer hours to obtain her license for the Florida State Board of Cosmetology.

The Birth Of House of Isis

In 2008, Gina opened her own salon, Step It Up in West Palm Beach, Florida. During this time, she perfected her craft by creating hand-made natural hair and skin care products for her own clients. In December of 2010 she created her fully developed hair and skin care line, The Healing House of Isis in which she named after her daughter Isis. The following year she acquired the patent for her unique hair & skin care formula. Gina states, "For years, I've watched my clients suffer from alopecia, eczema, joint pain, and other conditions. I wanted to develop a product that was both hair and skin-friendly that would holistically heal them. I wanted to ensure that it would be 100% natural, so I began hand-crafting and manufacturing the products myself."

House of Isis' products work together to restore, repair, and replenish dry, damaged hair and skin. Their collection of products include shampoos, conditioners, supportive oils and easy to apply creams to ensure healthy, vibrant hair & skin. They contain a base of raw African shea butter directly derived from Ghana. House of Isis's products also include castile soap, cold-pressed castor & olive oil, and blends of essential oils. The organic product line is plant-based, non-toxic, sulfate-free and paraben-free!

The Legacy Continues...

Today, both Gina and her daughter Isis are co-owners of House of Isis. Isis, a recent graduate of the illustrious Spelman College serves as the CEO of the company, operating all social media platforms. Isis states: "It has been such a blessing to be able to work alongside my mother in growing House of Isis, a company that she literally built from the ground-up. My dream for House of Isis is for it to become a sustainable company for future generations to come, providing continuous accessibility to alternative, plant-based products for all hair & skin types.    

On July 31st, 2020 House of Isis officially re-branded changing its previous name from The Healing House of Isis to House of Isis. Same products new packaging! 

Currently House of Isis operates a physical store front located at 1141 Southern Blvd Suite #111, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411. They also retail at Vera's Beauty Supply Store in West Palm Beach, Florida. Recently House of Isis joined two online marketplaces and



  • I am more than impressed with the House of Isis, it’s history and mission. I look forward to using the natural skin care products, as my experience with dermatologists has not been rewarding. I have always believed in natural remedies and have been a vegetarian for decades. My genetic skin issues inherited from my father flare up every so many years, and it’s disappointing when a “doctor” tells you…“there is no cure for this”. As a financial coach, I hope to help Isis prosper from such a much needed business!

    Gerald Lindsey
  • Congratulations Gina & Isis!!!!

  • I have been using House of Isis shea shampoo, conditioner, and shea souffle´since August of 2010 when after it first encounter with owner Gina. These are the only products that do not shrink my hair or strip my hair. My hair has become so healthy and strong over the years. I also suffer from psoriasis which the shea peppermint shampoo and the shea souffle´ have been more than heaven sent when it comes to calming and soothing the itchiness. I use the shea souffle´ as a light sunscreen for my 3yr old daughter and myself.

    Kayla Dixon

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