Isisnaturalistas Ultimate Kit

Isisnaturalistas Ultimate Kit

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The ULTIMATE all-in-one kit for your natural hair! Our sulfate-free Shea Shampoo restores the scalp's natural pH balance without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Our Shea conditioner hydrates, moisturizes & defines curls. Our sun oil stimulates hair growth when applied daily preventing hair loss/alopecia. Our Shea Souffle is perfect for any natural hair style including twist outs! Dually-purposed for the hair & skin.


Shea Shampoo: Castile Soap, cold-pressed olive oil, infused with essential oils: rosemary, peppermint & cedar wood.

Shea Conditioner: Whipped African shea butter infused with cold-pressed olive & castor oil, vegetable glycerin and the essential oil peppermint

Sun Oil: A unique blend of cold pressed olive oil, castor oil & essential oils: clary sage, ylang-ylang, mandarin.

Shea Soufflé: Whipped African shea butter, turmeric, cold-pressed olive & castor oil infused with essential oils: rosemary, chamomile, ylang-ylang and tea tree oil.

Our products are completely natural and do not contain preservatives, please keep in temperatures under 75 degrees. 



1. Shake Well. Pump shampoo 3-4 times directly into the scalp & hair and massage in until lathered. Rinse & repeat 2-3 times.

2. Part hair into small sections and emulsify conditioner into hair from roots to tips. For best results use as a leave-in

3. Pump the Sun Oil directly into the scalp & hair from roots to tips to seal in the hair's moisture. Massage in.

4. Use Shea soufflé as a styling cream for hair. Perfect for twist outs, blowouts, flexi road sets & more! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
naturally beautiful

I love the way that everything feels so natural in your hair and my favorite product is the sun oil. The oil literally glistens in the sun. It also smells and feels so good I’m my hair!


I’m a newbie to the natural hair community. My hair however, has always been the dry type. After using this on my first time I was already in love! I love how everything smells. I love the minty feeling in the shampoo and I love how moist and vibrant my hair looks and feels!
I also, have color in my hair and after a shampoo with other products my color would fade but with this product believe it or not the color actually became more alive. I will definitely continue using this product . Side twist out came out

Super moisturising!

I have tried the Shea shampoo, Shea conditioner, sun oil & detangling brush and I have to say these products are absolutely amazing. The Shea shampoo & conditioner are super moisturising. The conditioner especially provides great slip which makes for easy detangling with the use of the detangling brush. The sun oil is awesome for the hair and scalp, plus it has such a pleasant smell. All great products for my wash day routine.

Hair Blessings

There is growth in numbers! I’ve used almost every product from this company and I overly love all the products I have tried. This is my natural hair crack for my naturally beautiful hair. And as you can see my hair has grown. I’m one proud customer for the past 10+ years!

★ Reviews


92 reviews
LOC’D Grooming Oil
Luciana Brady-Henderson

I got the oil while I was away on vacation.
It sat in my mailbox for a week longer than I had intended. Thankfully, the scent was unaffected. The oil was thinker than I thought and the spray bottle allowed me to place the oil directly on to targeted areas.
The smell made me think of my dad and African parafernalia shops. I love it. My locs feel well moisturized and I don't think I'll have to reapply very often.

Why haven't you placed your order yet?!?!

Omg, what could I say about their products? They are the absolute best! I’ve only used these products my entire loc journey, and it’s been nothing short of amazing. The products are light, smell great, have zero build-up issues, and accommodate my busy lifestyle with travel size options. I highly recommend these products. For anyone using anything else to at least give it a try, and your life and love journey will be changed for the better!

Best hair products I’ve ever used by far. Saw results immediately after I started using them!

LOC'D Care Kit
Wayne Joseph
Awesome Products!

I love everything about the Loc’d kit. The shampoo does a great job of gently but thoroughly cleaning. I remember watching a washing tutorial on the IG page and was instructed to place some shampoo onto my locs to let it sit (pre-poo) and it did wonders for removing buildup. The loc oil is great and really helps seal in moisture. The conditioner and pomade are staples in my maintenance process. I am a fan of all the products. I’ve even purchased the scalp treatment and other oils. Highly recommended!!

Shea Soufflé
Janice G.
The only products I need to use!

This product and all of your products are spiritual.