Shea Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Shea Shampoo & Conditioner Set

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Shea Shampoo: Castile Soap, cold-pressed olive oil, infused with essential oils: rosemary, peppermint & cedar wood.
Shea Conditioner: Hand-crafted whipped African shea butter infused with cold-pressed olive oil, castor oil, vegetable glycerin and the essential oil peppermint. 

Shake well. Pump shampoo 3-4 times directly into the scalp & hair and massage in until lathered. 
Rinse & repeat 2-3 times. Next, part hair into small sections and emulsify conditioner into hair from roots to tips. 

Our Shea Shampoo & Conditioner Kit cleanses and rejuvenates the scalp & hair. The sulfate-free shampoo eliminates shrinkage after washing while the conditioner defines curls and eases the detangling process. This conditioner may also be used as a leave in as it dissolves directly into the hair without any build-up 

*None of our products contain preservatives, please keep in temperatures under 75 degrees.